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SUPPORT-Chip removal information

See diagrams and directions below, you can remove the bios chips with your own homemade tools and there is information on the web about this, but we only use the right tools for the job in hand. If you break a socket or slip and break a track or component on your motherboard then it will cost you a lot more than a cheap tool.










Below we show which tools are used to remove specific BIOS chips,

these are available in  the online shop


Biosmaster provides this information at your own risk!

The  following sequence shows how to remove PLCC and DIL devices with the



Locate prongs of PLCC extraction into the two diagonal corners of the brown socket

as marked in the diagram


Next pressing  down (light but firm), on the tool; squeeze the sides IN, and the device will 

pop out!


Here we show the device out of the socket, notice the flatted corner on the device,

when refitting this must align with the flatted corner of the brown plastic socket!!!

Replacement is done by aligning flat corner on chip  to flat corner on socket,

then push evenly/gently home, re-fit cmos battery and power up.


Below we show another example of PLCC chip removal note remember to remove

cmos battery first BEFORE removing bios chip.

Below we show  how to use the DIL extraction tool, make sure the motherboard is held down,

ease the chip out with the tool, it will pop out.

Please take  notice of correct alignment when refitting the device, notice the half-moon shape

on the top of the BIOS chip. On the actual printed circuit board, one can see a white outline

marker with an indentation(shown above the upside down u25), this must be aligned with

the half-moon shape on the top oy your device.


Below we show the later type DIL 8-pin chip removal, remember to remove all power and

cmos battery BEFORE removing bios chip.